no more pills please

We started looking into CBD when we were contacted by a local Philadelphia Pediatrist, Dr.Giagnacova. Dr.G told us stories of patients needing to take strong prescription drugs just to curb their foot pain. These pain medications come with a big risk of dependency as well as other health risks and side effects. Coming from the infused sock market, we saw a real way to help patients with foot pain to get natural relief. 


We utilized the knowledge of our sock team, Dr.Giagnacova and our chemist in order to create a topical CBD formula made for feet. We use a special infusion process to ensure the CBD transfers properly from sock to foot to give the best relief possible. As we continue to develop our formulas, we are finding other naturally occurring essential oils to add to increase the effectiveness of the sock. 


CBD socks are just the start. We were lucky enough to partner with Cloudride Vapor e-liquid to make a premium flavored CBD oil. Borrowing flavors from their C9 collection which was designed by a James Beard Award winning chef, we have created the best tasting CBD e-liquid on the market.

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